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Improve Technical and Cognitive Performances

SCARAB Sports is specialised in measuring and boosting the technical and cognitive skills of football players. Increased performances and strong motivation are not only the result of our service, it’s what we live and breathe. Are you ready to hit the next level with our smart rebound board?

Player screening
like a scientist

Determine the technical - cognitive level of football players.

Performance training
like a pro

Improve football skills and correct imperfections.

Performance training
like a star

Perform exceptional when it matters most.

We measure the critical metrics of the OODA-loop

Observe your surroundings

Orient yourself on the field

Decide the best action to take

Act accordingly



Time on ball

Ball handling

Decision making

Decision making

Pass speed

Passing speed

Turning speed

Turning speed

Execution time

Execution time

Decision making football testing
Cognitive soccer training
Performance training
football drills
Cognitive research
Featured video

HALF/TIME with Sébastien Ronse

Sébastien Ronse is the Operational Director of KAA Gent, in this HALF/TIME session Sébastien gives a unique view on what's living in the management chambers of a top club. He describes the targets and goals that a club like KAA Gent is trying to reach to get the maximum potential out of their players.

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A greater focus on individual training and progress is what distinguishes good clubs from great clubs.

Testimonial individual cognitive training
Peter Catteeuw

Royal Antwerp FC

Cognitive & Technical skills can be defined and trained starting from a young age, this in contrary to the physical abilities.

Testimonial cognitive soccer skills
Jérôme Thémont

R.S.C. Anderlecht
Physical Coach

Youth academies are eager to find new objective methods to test cognitive and technical abilities.

Testimonial objective cognitive testing
Koen Daerden

KRC Genk
Technical Director Youth Academy

Latest News
Investor Vadis Odjidja
Odjidja invests in SCARAB Sports
07 February 2022

Vadis Odjidja (Captain of KAA Gent) beliefs in the mission of SCARAB Sports. Besides the investment he will also be active as a board member of SCARAB Sports.

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OH Leuven uses our smart rebound board
OH Leuven X SCARAB Sports
14 April 2021

OH Leuven will assist SCARAB Sports in the further development and implement the PL8 in their operations to enhance their players....

Partnership technical and cognitive testing KAA Gent
KAA Gent X SCARAB Sports
9 April 2021

KAA Gent and SCARAB Sports are joining forces in a partnership to further research a new method to screen and train the technical-cognitive skills of players...

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